Lustery Review is a site that needs to be described precisely since it just might be the new thing on the block and we don’t want the new kid to seem like a freak just because he’s new. With this erotic/hardcore site, you get the best of three worlds. The erotic and soft side of a softcore type porn site, the rawness that a hardcore site offers and a blog, that’s it. Combining these three, managed to create a site that has an appealing look, an attractive platform to play videos and a blog that has enough spice to them that it never gets boring.

Lustery Review

The videos themselves are amateur videos, with a plot line to them. The performers are couples who are real-life couples and they are recording themselves having sex in all kind of different scenarios. Each video is running in smooth HD quality. You get to see some basic info about the couples, their names, ages, type of relationships that they are in etc. All of this gives a totally different feel than the rest of the sites out there.

Then, you have the blog, that dives into some sex topics that are well written and actually is interesting to read. For a moment you will get lost in the blog and you will forget that you are on a pay site that has porn. The whole vibe on is different, it almost feels like you entered someone’s apartment, it’s just that intimate. A must see site, for sure!

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