Hot Teen Feet Review

When searching for a good foot fetish site you just might leave your hunt disappointed with your head down, asking the question – How is this possible? So much porn on the Internet and no good foot fetish sites to find! Well, this market hole had to be filled by someone and┬ábecame a great hole filler, you might say. It is a site dedicated to hot young teens who love to get down and dirty, who are willing to put their soles to the test and make those erect poles shoot loads. Poetic isn’t it. The whole outlook of the site is a pretty simple one. No fancy members area, no bull-crap or added value stuff, which at times might come as a downer but considering the actual content, you won’t care. The videos are mostly amateur driven with a slight directorial angle to them, just enough so that the videos themselves look appealing enough to click on them. Once in, it is all that the thumbnails might suggest.

The videos are roughly 15-20 minutes long and they feature all kinds of scenarios and settings. From a story-driven video, where a girl strolls down the beach to the more simple solo, feet licking videos. Hardcore clips are plenty, where the POV might just be the best choice for those who are fans of this niche. You get to download all of them, watch them when ready and if you are not sold on the 1st impression you might try their $1-one day trial and see what’s up. If this doesn’t get you off, then you don’t have a foot fetish!

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